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ZL1PO Amateur Radio Mobile Station
ZL1PO Amateur Radio Mobile Station
Greetings from Hamilton,North Island,New Zealand. I plan to add more Amateur Radio related photos and ones of other topics when time permits. (You may also check me out via Thankyou for visiting this site. Kind regards, John Lisignoli, ZL1PO. 41HN3800.
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My "Bird Catcher" 
You may have heard of the infamous "Bug Catcher" mobile antenna.Well folks this is the "Bird Catcher" It is a KN4TV design/engineered antenna.It is mainly fabricated from stainless steel Compared to anything else I have fitted to a vehicle this antenna is HUGE.It requires an extra heavy duty mounting system.A series of adjustable stainless steel banana jack "plug and play" sockets are set to predetermined frequencies on the stainless steel HI-Q loading coil with a flying "hot" lead that bypasses windings on the loading coil to QSY to the band required.A adjustable shunt inductive matching unit is employed at the base of the antenna which raises the feed point impedance of the antenna to 50ohms.When completely adjusted this is a set and forget system.By todays standards the antenna is out dated by the screwdriver style antennas.Have yet to compare it against 80m and 40m helical whips.It does the business though with ease on all the HF bands from 160m through to 20m plus more.On this vehicle it is 4.9m from ground to the tip ! The above picture of the Irirangi Military Communications Facility was taken on State Hi-Way One ,south of Waiouru,volcanic plateau,central North Island ,New Zealand.